Dealers for 2019…here is a list of dealers confirmed! We’ll keep updating as more and more dealers sign up for San Diego! Its official! We’ve sold all our dealer space plus we added more tables! All your favorites plus new to San Diego mini-dealers will be here. DIY’rs, crafters and collectors you have a lot to explore!

Are you interested in being a dealer? Scroll down this page for dealer information and contract link. If you’d like to be on our waiting list in the event of a last minute opening plus scroll down for instructions. Thank you.

“A little bit of England in America” from Tolly’s Treasures. Artisan quality handmade flowers and  in all scales – yes, Julia’s green thumb includes lots of quarter scale items! Many flowers are sold in stems ready to plant in your very own miniature landscape.

A Little Something for Everyone is coming to San Diego all the way from Colorado! Native American pottery, art and rugs will be found here along with kits for adobe houses, corner vignettes and stores.

Such Things always has wonderful hand crafted Halloween and Christmas items!

San Diego’s very own miniatures store, Ms. Peggie’s Place brings the shop to you! Always a variety of fun miniatures – allow time to browse here because there will be something you ‘need’!

Ms. Peggie’s Attic is the place to shop for room boxes and other special surprises.

Look no more – this is where you can find tiny acrylic tiles for floors and counters, S and S Furniture! Fun and fabulous furniture kits, room box kits, accessories and finished furniture all in one place.

Designing Ways – stop to see lovely bedding sets, window treatments, rugs, hard to find fabric for minis, plus Lee’s Line and Aztec furniture. Plus you’ll love their modern furniture from REAC Japan.

Bitty Bits & Bobs was a first timer last year and quickly became a show favorite! Stop by to enjoy the wonderful handcrafted breads and chocolates…you can almost smell them 🙂

Everyone must have a special piece of jewelry from Miniholiday! In addition to her charming bracelets, ear rings and necklaces, you’ll pick up great hand crafted shabby chic miniatures and dollhouse lighting.

Never say ‘I don’t know where to start’ when Susie O’s Dollhouses are in the house! Susie has done all the hard work for you! Purchase a ready to furnish roombox and just start collecting all the fun furnishings and accessories for inside. Lovely, fun and one of a kind – get yourself one!

Ellen Braby Books. Books. Books! All just for the miniaturist: how-to books, history of dollhouses, inspirational, along with references for making dollhouses and roomboxes.

Last year shoppers couldn’t get enough of the specialty lighting from A & R Miniatures LLC. You’ve got to see it to believe it: flickering log sets, candles, caldrons! Wizards tables, Christmas trees, and believe it or not thunder and lightning. Televisions too. This is the place to shop for specialty lighting and sound!

Shop here for one inch, half inch, quarter inch and SMALLER! Stewart Dollhouse Creations offers handcrafted cakes, cupcakes and pastries! You’ll also find a large line of laser cut doilies and kits, along with a huge line of silicone molds for mini-making in ALL scales. Ruth also offers 3D printed items along with a few supplies. Welcome back to San Diego!

C & C Miniatures – If you enjoy unique items, stop by to see the tiny birdhouses made from real acorns. Some are vacant while some are occupied by colorful birds! Swarovski crystal perfume bottles are available individually or as sets. How about a cocktail? Mint juleps, peach bellinis and martinis complete with olives! Holiday wreaths and wind socks plus breakfast trays (yum waffles!), sushi, sashimi and miso soup look delicious – plus dessert from cookies to cakes to candy filled tins!

Gloria’s – you’ll recognize this lady who has been a show staple since the beginning 45 years ago! You will find fabulous vintage treasures here that are just right for your collection or project.

LA Mini World specializes in little roombox kits that are complete with everything you need to have a little charming scene. There are always dozens and dozens of choices!

Cutest Things LLC is returning with the sweetest miniatures in one and half inch scale. Look for the charming unique vignetted display full of a fun potpourri of antique, vintage and commercially made items as well as hand painted furniture, dressed soft furnishings and beds done by Elise!

My Dolly’s Bebe’ Dolls! Maria hand crafts porcelain dolls just for you. She uses commercial molds, pours and cleans the porcelain and hand paints each individual doll. After that, Maria assembles and dresses each one. Thats TLC just for your miniature collection or project!

Souly Autographed, Renee likes to keep it fresh making a wide assortment of miniature food, notebooks and what ever accessories come to mind. Her love is making dolls, dressing them and boxing each one in a hand made box – you know a Souly Autographed doll because of its Certificate of Authenticity.

A little of this and that from Bears & Miniatures…flowers, furniture, people, animals, musical instruments, prints, dishes, baskets, mirrors…one inch and half inch scale.

Patricia’s Mini Mania is a show stopper with her wonderful handcrafted vintage inspired miniatures! There is always so much to look at you’ll shop here twice 🙂

Art and Dolls brings you all scales of miniatures! Marsha has a flare for finding vintage miniatures, many pieces may just remind you of your childhood dollhouse. She will have dollhouse dolls, both antique and artist made, along with completed roomboxes for your collections!

Lovely handcrafted items for you! Newton’s Apple will have pieced quilts, pillows and framed cross stitched pictures (thats teeny stitching!). Unique silhouettes, photos, original oil and water color paintings, jewelry and more!

NEW to San Diego this year is Christine Lecoutre Miniatures. Stop to introduce yourself and enjoy Christine’s handcrafted ceramics: you’ll find a variety of plates, teapots, cookie jars, sculptures and vases. Welcome Christine! Cancelled due to illness.

A Wee Bit Teeny Modern Minis will be returning for 2019! This is great news for everyone who is looking for a clever easy way to light their small sized rooms! With a wide variety of style choices you are sure to find the right piece to light up your space.

They’re back! BJ Miniatures – Quarter Scale Specialists! No calendar conflicts this time around, Bruce and Judy will join us in San Diego with wonderful accessories and 1:48 original kits for the cutest cottages plus MORE! Welcome back 🙂

Stop dreaming of what it would be like to like in your little rooms and houses – make a mini-you and move right in! Holodeck 3D Studios will be set up and ready to scan you, your friends and your family to create perfect miniaturized keepsakes. 

Extraordinary! Gilbert Mena creates the most beautiful wood turnings, elaborate furnishings and oil paintings. You don’t need to be a miniaturist to be a fan of his work…. Wondering where to start a lovely collection? Start here!

Kathryn Gooding will be back with her fun selection of vintage and discontinued Bespaq. Visit Asta Minis for that special piece you’ve been looking for at a great price.

Add a touch of home with Donna Lee Miniatures original one-of-a-kind crocheted and hand made items. Stitching so tiny you’ll have to see it to believe it 🙂

A little of this and a little of that including Strombecker pieces…long time show favorite Patricia Knutson won’t disappoint!

Welcome Le Petite Decor! You’ll shop all scales here finding kits and supplies to make miniatures – yes, stock up! Lovely white wire furniture, dishes, Oriental containers and handmade birds and flowers too 🙂

Fern Vasi Dolls are beautiful and fun 1:12 sculpted porcelain dolls that add personality to miniature settings. Fern’s attention to detail is unmatched. This year Fern will have 1:24 porcelain dolls made by Karen Bukoski as well!

Acquisto Silver Inc. Top notch. Magnificent. Pete is the master of miniaturizing silver pieces so your dollhouse has the best! Tea sets, candelabrum, figurines, serving pieces, candlesticks, vanity sets, banks and MORE. Pete’s craftsmanship and attention to detail create unique original art pieces that enhance a miniature house or can be a collection on its own. Museums around the world feature the work of this Master Silversmith, you’ll have the opportunity to own a piece for yourself!

Whoo-hoo! Young at Heart Miniatures! Debbie and Jeff offer a selection of quality, quarter scale house and furniture kits. They offer a range of house styles from historic to FUN! You’ll shop a nice selection of accessories from various artists. There is always something new and different.

Linda’s Collectibles is a treasure trove of goodies in all 4 scales! Miniaturists are always certain to find something new and amazing.

This wonderful lady has been a popular dealer at our show for decades! Handcrafts by BJ returns with her wonderful assortment of treasures for all scales. Often her assortment includes unique items with lovely Asian influences or there are the delicate little wrought iron gates. Stop and take a peek 🙂

Tavern tables, hutches and chairs! Glasscraft cranberry glass! Porcelain teapost, Besto porcelain, quality accessories! This is only the beginning of what you’ll find at Itty Bitty Builder! You’ll also enjoy seeing the handmade animals and mini-bears. So many wonderful miniatures to add to your collections!

Carla Gaustad has traveled to Europe just to bring you the best in miniatures. She also specializes in charming one-of-a-kind pieces from international artisans. Every miniature at her booth will become an immediate favorite; best of all, one piece from Carla makes a perfect, ready to display, vignette!

Dollhouses in Miniature Store is new and we are going to love this stop…in addition to 1:12 scale, you’ll find 1:24 furniture and dollhouse accessories; plus kits by Dragonfly and handcrafted room boxes.

We are fortunate Smalls Mini Mall is joining us this year – find engraved furniture and accessories, beds, tables, windows, ‘stained glass look’ windows, candelabras, kitchen furniture and decor items. This really is a mini-mall!

Jeanetta Kendall Miniatures, aka Dale Kendall, is a popular stop for mini-shoppers looking for a bargain for hard to find discontinued furnishings. Every era, every style – stop and see what you find!

Introducing  Blomstrom Antiques, carrying miniature porcelain items, teddy bears, furniture, toys and many dollhouse items.  Welcome to SD Mini.Show!

The fruits, veggies and other foods at Twinheart are beyond description! Peel a teensy orange and you’ll find perfect citrus sections inside – there are pits in avocados too! Its unbelievable and only the beginning of what you’ll discover here. If you need food, flowers or succulents you will be delighted!

Longtime favorite, Modern Miniature Magic – Valerie brings her charming ‘just right’ miniatures for you to enjoy! Kitchen items, small appliances; pampered pets and accessories along with NEW pampered people items are all at this shopping stop! 

From Philly to Good Sam Carol Sherry Miniatures offers fresh cheerful whimsical hand painted furniture and now she has added San Diego to her list of shows! Carol will also bring punch needles and kits for rugs – don’t want to make a rug? She’ll have completed ones too! We are excited to introduce you to her and her fabulous miniatures. Be sure to stop and say “Hi!”

Heirlooms by Chanel brings delicate Victorian charm to the miniatures show. Her beautiful display offers Victorian accessories, boxes and kits to make for the DIY miniaturist. Her pieces will add a timeless elegance to your projects and displays.

Minikin Florist will be here! Pat is an IGMA recognized floral artist – her arrangements are detailed and simply beautiful.

Check back often for updates or LIKE us on Facebook or use the “Sign Up For Email Updates” button in the upper right corner.

If you are a dealer, please scroll down for contract information.

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NEW LOCATION: San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, 8757 Rio San Diego Drive, San sanmv_phototour37Diego, California 92108. Only ten minutes from our previous location! Would you like to stay here? Call 1-800-842-5329 and mention San Diego Miniatures Room for the special rate of $129/night including WiFi and reduced overnight parking (if using the link, the reduced rate will be quoted on the second page!), or click on the following:

Book your group rate for San Diego Miniatures Room Block 2019

If you prefer an alternate place to stay, within walking distance is Springhill Suites San Diego Mission Valley.

DEALER SALES INFORMATION: The Dealer Rules and Contract are available here. If you have trouble printing from this link, email and ask to receive a contract.  Dealers must have a current California Sales Tax License. Dealer is solely responsible for any tax liabilities as required by law.

Dealer tables are selling FAST – don’t miss your opportunity to join us in San Diego, send in your contract NOW! UPDATE: WE’RE ALL FILLED UP! SOMETIMES THINGS CHANGE AT THE LAST MINUTE THOUGH, IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE ON OUR WAITING LIST PLEASE EMAIL US AT SD.MINISHOW@GMAIL.COM.

Contract or Workshop Application not displaying correctly. We’re sorry, some computers just don’t like to cooperate! We’re happy to send you the information, just email us 🙂

Direct questions to 

Notice: San Diego Miniature Crafters (SDMC) is a National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) chartered non-profit organization, that presents an annual show and sale “Nostalgia in Miniature” each February. San Diego Miniature Crafters (SDMC) is in no way affiliated or associated with San Diego Miniature Collectors, F/B Miniature Collectors or any similarly named organizations.



9 Responses to DEALERS

  1. viola williams says:

    My best show in 2012… I wouldn’t miss being a dealer there! It’s not only affordable but we are surrounded by very talented miniaturists.

  2. Gilbert mena says:

    I’ve been a dealer at this miniature show for twenty four years straight. Would not miss it for anything in the world! The people are great and the show promotion is first rate! Gilbert Mena

  3. Luci Hanson says:

    Have the contract in hand and plan to return in 2017

  4. I’ll be sending my contract closer to the new year as well. Much easier if my 2017 business checks are processed in the same year as the show I definitely plan to be there.
    viola williams

  5. Sadly, can’t be a dealer this year since I can’t stay the whole weekend.. but plan to try to be there as a shopper on Sat., Feb 3 2018

    • sdminis says:

      We do hope you come, we’d love to see you! You’ve always had a very busy table of lovely dolls, maybe this year you will get to simply enjoy shopping!

  6. Colleen Meads says:

    Wish there were links on the list of dealers.

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