San Diego Miniature Crafters

Established in 1972, San Diego Miniature Crafters (SDMC) was the eleventh club chartered under the newly formed National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME). NAME is still an active organization with a variety of activities supporting the miniature community.

SDMC began when members of the local doll clubs realized they had a common interest in dollhouse miniatures as well. Meeting in the living room of Gloria Osborn, a member still active today, a small group of women organized the miniatures club still known as the San Diego Miniature Crafters.

In 1973 SDMC committed to hosting a community event for miniaturists. Their passion for the mini community was a foundation for our popular miniatures show and sale, an event that continues today.

SDMC is an exhibitor at the Miniature Engineering and Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad. Members have also to participated in the San Diego International Airport Art Program. To celebrate National Dollhouse and Miniatures Month, SDMC often sets up displays in local libraries in partnership with Ms. Peggie’s Place.

SDMC meets the fourth Tuesday of most months. Meetings are an opportunity to participate in mini-making lessons, sharing current projects and handling the business of the club. There are a variety of membership levels, although to apply for membership one must be a member of NAME as well. To learn more about membership requirements please feel free to email us at

“The San Diego Miniature Crafters are a local nonprofit committed to the art and craft of miniature making and collecting.”

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